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Pho is pronounced like “fuh” instead of “foh”. The inflection is like you are asking a question: fuh? And voila! That’s how you pronounce pho!

Banh mi (pronounced bun mee) are Vietnamese hoagies. On a crispy toasted baguette roll, you have your choice of protein and a fresh array of veggies: pickled carrots and daikon, cucumber, cliantro, and spicy jalapenos. 

Pho are traditionally noodle soups with beef broth. Rice or egg noodle soups (hu tieu/mi) have a chicken broth. 

On customer requests we will swap beef broth to chicken or vice versa. We also have a vegetable broth available for veggie lovers, vegetarians, and vegans.

All of our grilled meats are brushed with a marinade that contains gluten. However, we are able to grill the protein without the sauce to accommodate a gluten-free diet!

Please check with your waiter about anything you are concerned with, and they will do their best to help you out. 

Vermicelli is a thin long noodle made of rice. 

All of our vegetarian dishes are vegan with the exception of the tofu banh mi, the side of fish sauce, and the lotus root salad. However, there are vegan alternatives and solutions for these exceptions:

Banh mi are spread with Vietnamese mayonnaise (a mixture of butter and egg). You can request for no mayonnaise on your sandwich. 

Fish sauce is made from fermented anchovies. It is usually served on the side and can easily be avoided. You may also request for no fish sauce at all.

The lotus root salad is served with a dressing that contains fish sauce, so you may request to have the dressing on the side or have the salad plain.

The coconut drink is sweetened coconut water with slices of coconut flesh on the bottom. 

Lotus root is a vegetable – the root part of a lotus flower. We shred it for our lotus root salad.

We only have jasmine rice available. We may add a brown rice option in the future. 

Red rice is white rice stir-fried with onions and ketchup. 

It is served with our Rotisserie Chicken Special Rice Platter (#48). 

We use half and half milk for all of our milk teas. We are looking into dairy free alternatives for those who are lactose intolerant, but for now, we only have half and half milk. 

We also have condensed milk, but that is used in our Vietnamese coffees. 

Condensed milk is milk that has been thickened by evaporation and sweetened. 

We use condensed milk in our Vietnamese coffees. 

No, we do not have any dairy products in our smoothies. Simply fruit, concentrated fruit juice, simple syrup, and ice. 

We will try our best to accommodate special requests and particular dietary restrictions. We may not be able to fulfill every custom order, but we will certainly try. It never hurts to ask. 

Please feel free to offer feedback at any time so that we may improve and better cater to different diets in the future. 

Hello, everyone!

Until further notice, we at Pholosophy are open for takeout only.
We have delivery available through Caviar and GrubHub, and customers are welcome to call in for pickup. Curbside delivery is  also available to promote social distancing. Your health and safety are our top priority.
We thank everyone for their support and patience during this time.